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Marta Łabuda
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Interatomic potentials

   in physics

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Dr Marta Łabuda

Department of Theoretical Physics And Quantum Informatics
Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics
Gdansk University of Technology

409 Main Building B
Narutowicza 11/12, 80-952 Gdansk, Poland
Phone / Fax: (+48 58) 347 15 30
E-mail: marta@mif.pg.gda.pl
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Selected publications

1) M. Łabuda and J. Guthmuller. “Theoretical study of the photoelectron spectrum of ethyl formate: Ab initio and density functional theory investigation” The European Physical Journal

2) M. Łabuda, J. González-Vázquez, F. Martin and L. González. “A non-adiabatic wavepacket dynamical study of the low energy charge transfer process in the S3+ + H collision” Chemical Physics (2012) 400, 165-170

3) M. Łabuda „Pasja, Misja, Zobowiązanie – stypendyści grantów Marie Curie o nauce na
sympozjum w Warszawie” Pismo Politechniki Gdańskiej, Listopad 2011, 18-20

4) M. Łabuda, “Ultrafast Charge Transfer in ion-atom collision investigated by Molecular Quantum Dynamics Methods” (2011), Marie Curie Researchers Symposium, 43.

5) M. Łabuda, J. González-Vázquez and L. González. “A wavepacket study of the low-energy charge transfer process in the S3+ + H reaction using time-resolved electronic densities”. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. (2010), 5439 – 5445

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